Sirius Group Ltd

Some things work better in three’s! This is undoubtedly the case when it comes to property leasing, where tenants and landlords are concerned.

As a private property fund, the Sirius Group offers an array of proactive, dynamic property-management-related services tailormade for each client. Our approach is simple, yet effective focusing on turnkey solutions for real estate investments. Our services are guaranteed to save property owners and tenants time and allow landlords to maximise their investments’ profits.

O’Mahoney Property Ltd

Four years ago Sirius Group, embarked on a new journey and turned the strategy of investing in South African Property, into investing in Irish Property, the reason for this was to further diversify the earnings and capital from South Africa to a more stable market.

The Group proudly has multiple properties in Dublin and surrounding areas, situated on the M50 ring road, and looking to further diversify.

With the further growth in Ireland, we took the bold move to integrate in a horizontal fashion, and open up our in house management company “O’Mahoney Property Ltd”

The company takes the responsibility of collecting all the rents, dealing with leases, tax responsibility on behalf of Sirius and tenant relationships, to further achieve our goals of long term growth in the industrial property sector in Ireland.



This is a complex process that requires knowledge, experience and time. Bad tenants will leave you stressed, worried and most likely out-of-pocket. A property management company such as the Sirius Group offers tenant screening services that go a long way in avoiding rental scams directed at property owners. This also prevents property owners from having to deal with time-consuming, expensive and stressful lawsuits.


Handling the collection of rent and late fees are crucial for effective property management. But for those that are not experienced in the matter, it’s often a tedious, stressful task. Hiring a professional property management company will ensure both the landlord and tenants are protected.


If tenants don’t rent your units for long periods, you will have to deal with a series of issues like lost rent, additional property maintenance, tenant screening and rental property marketing. The Sirius Group offers a tenant retention policy that is systematic, consistent and effective.


Tenants are always happy if you offer them good maintenance. Furthermore, doing so will preserve the value of your property. At the Sirius Group, we boast an extensive network of licensed, insured, and professional contractors that can assist with maintenance issues at all properties managed by us at discounted prices. In addition, early detection and repairing of maintenance issues prevent more extensive, more costly problems.

Our extensive list of property management and maintenance services include:

Comprehensive rental property management (rental agreement analysis, rented property management and maintenance, preventative maintenance)
Property financial management (deposits, monthly rental payments)
Comprehensive rental property management (rental agreement analysis, rented property management and maintenance, preventative maintenance)
Leased property inspections (ingoing/outgoing)