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Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance is a year-round commitment. In spring and summer, there is a dire need for irrigation, pruning and lawn mowing; in winter, raking, leaf blowing, and mulching come into play.

As one of the most reputable property funds groups in Cape Town and Mbombela, the Sirius Group understands the importance and benefits of keeping one’s garden in pristine condition. That’s why we offer unique, customised, professional garden maintenance services year-round to the greater Mbombela and Cape Peninsula.

Since establishing ourselves in the property management industry in 2016, we have provided specialised garden maintenance services to a multitude of property owners. We pride ourselves in the professionalism and creativity of our experienced staff, which are expertly equipped and skilled to keep different types of gardens in pristine condition.


Hiring the Sirius Services to maintain your pool will not only save you time but will save you money too! Major issues and problems are identified – and rectified – sooner, often preventing costly repairs. Furthermore, a professional pool maintenance team will ensure your swimming pool’s value is maintained, which will boost your property’s value.


Comprehensive general cleaning & maintenance
Structural repairs
Leak detection
Electrical repairs
Pool water analysis
Thorough cleaning of pumps & filters and pump repairs

Pool Maintenance

Owning a swimming pool in South Africa – known for its epic summers – is certainly a bonus! But like most special property features, they require a lot of maintenance and attention to detail. Keeping your pool safe, healthy and clean is essential. The best way to do this hassle-free is with pool maintenance professionals like the Sirius Group.

Our Pool Maintenance teams are experts in their sector and will ensure that you never have to worry about the hygiene and look of your pool again. Not only do we know the complexities of keeping a pool clean and sparkling, but we are also experts in major pool repairs.


There are various advantages to investing in our garden maintenance services, the primary one being market appeal. Gardens are seen as an extension of a house, estate, school or office park. If neglected, the property as a whole becomes unattractive.

Another advantage is that hiring a garden maintenance service saves you time and money in the long term. A professional gardening team will ensure regular, ongoing upkeep, which will prevent you from dealing with overgrown, damaged gardens that are costly to rectify. Furthermore, a well-maintained garden will boost the value of a property. A garden in good condition is a massive drawcard to potential buyers, adding as much as 25% to the overall market value.


Large scale household garden clean-ups.
Tree felling and trimming
Lawn mowing
Spring treatment