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Cleaning Services

Have your floors lost their shine? Does your carpet look embarrassingly dirty? Failing to remove those ghastly stains from the walls and kitchen countertops? It’s time to call the professionals!

Having a fresh and clean home or office is not only hygienic and healthy, but it’s comforting too. There is no doubt that clean air, spotless countertops and tables, and clean floors leave your interior spaces – and you – feeling (and looking) rejuvenated. So, if your home, office space or warehouse is looking worse for wear, we have the solution for you! The Sirius Group offers professional interior cleaning services guaranteed to leave your interior living or working areas in pristine condition!

Although DIY cleaning is the easiest and quickest way to make your interior spaces look presentable, regular professional cleaning comes highly recommended. This type of cleaning focuses on the areas and/or surfaces that are difficult to reach and/or clean, ensuring that your home or working space is truly spick-and-span from top to bottom.


There are numerous advantages to hiring the professional cleaning services offered by the Sirius Group.

Professional cleaning helps preserve the life of your property and helps maintain the life of your interior assets. Furniture, flooring, fixtures and appliances have a longer lifespan as professional cleaning may prevent the deterioration of fibres and surfaces.

In addition, hiring cleaning professionals has the added benefit of saving you money and time in the long run. Our cleaning specialists have the right tools for the job, and they do it right the first time. Rather than spending hours and your hard-earned money trying to scrub away stubborn stains on grout, tiles and other visible surfaces or polishing antiques, windows or wood, we can do this for you quickly, effectively and affordably.

The Sirius Group also understands the importance of sanitation these days. For this reason, our cleaning services are of the highest standards.

We aim to not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations.



Residential essential and deep cleaning services (including ovens, fans and windows)
Commercial property cleaning
Industrial property cleaning
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